After the ophthalmological consultation and / or based on an ophthalmological prescription, we can help you choose the frame of glasses that suits you and depending on the type of lenses needed and desired. from the best known and best lens brands (ZEISS, ESSILOR, HOYA).

Lenses are the most important part of eyeglasses and we recommend that you pay more attention and attention to them. Sometimes it is better to choose high quality lenses than a more expensive frame of glasses and lower quality lenses.
Quality lenses have a better treatment and will help you more than cheaper and more affordable lenses, their choice depends on how you will see in 10-12 months but also the environment and how you will use the glasses.

Most of the time we recommend a middle variant if you want a more expensive glasses frame.

There are several types of lenses from each manufacturer, some are computer lenses, others are dedicated to driving, others for those who work in harsher environments with a lot of dust, particles, etc.

The choice of glasses for the glasses must depend on how and what you will use the glasses for. Whether you wear spare glasses for a short period of time or wear them after removing contact lenses or use them for reading, driving, computer, or all of these together, our recommendation is to tell us how and in what way you will use his glasses, to find the most advantageous solution for eyeglasses and eyeglass frame.

After choosing the lenses, depending on their thickness and the purpose of using the eyeglasses, we establish the treatments that will be applied to the lenses, reflection indices and we will present you the variants of suitable eyeglass frames. The frame of glasses will be recommended depending on the physiognomy of the face but also depending on the purpose of the glasses.

In all our stores we have a wide range of brands and a rich variety of patterns of frames, shapes and colors. We have eyeglass frames from top and fashion brands: Ray-Ban, D&G, Prada, Vogue, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Tom Ford, Guess, Bvlgari but also exclusive brands in Cluj County such as: Bolon, Christian Lacroix, Teb Baker, Hackett, Scotch & Soda, Le Coq Spotif, Karen Millen, Pull & Bear, Mango, Bergman, Nordic, Tonny, Luca,
Chili & Co, Orange, Fresco, Goggle, ViaRoma.

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