Gift Card Regulation – Gift Card Voucher Opticon


“Gift Card Voucher” gift cards are issued in OPTICON stores and opticians in Cluj County.

Gift cards issued in Opticon stores and opticians are valid only for the payment and purchase of ophthalmic products (eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, solutions for contact lenses) and ophthalmological services (ophthalmic control and investigations) in stores and opticians OPTICON.

The gift card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

After the expiration of the validity period, the gift card can no longer be used to pay the value of the purchased products.

After the expiration of the validity period, the balance of the gift card is considered lost; the holder of the gift card has the entire responsibility in connection with the expiration of the validity period, not being entitled to any kind of compensation.

Any natural or legal person who wishes to offer a gift in the form of purchases from Opticon physical stores can purchase a gift card.

We reserve the right to cancel the participation of any person who does not comply with the Regulation, who is suspected of fraud, who acts in an unethical or disruptive manner or who is determined to act with the intent to disturb, abuse, threaten or harass any person, without having the obligation to prove it with evidence.

The Gift Card can be purchased only from OPTICON physical stores and opticians. Payment can be made in cash or by bank card, without charging any issuance fee. The Gift Card will be physically delivered on the spot, immediately after the payment is processed. The value of the Gift Card is between 50 and 4,500 Lei. No promotion can be applied to the purchase of a Gift Card. The Gift Card cannot be recharged. The cash value of the Gift Card is not granted. No rest is granted for purchases with a Gift Card. The gift card balance cannot be transferred or redeemed.

Each Gift Card has a unique value and has all the data written on the face, which will be read at the time of purchasing / activating the card, at the time of checking the balance and validity of the card and at the time of payment using the card in question. No details can be provided about the transactions that were made with that card.

The Gift Card can be used immediately after issuance and registration, when purchasing any product from OPTICON physical stores or opticians, including those in promotion or other special offers, up to its value. The Gift Card cannot be used for purchases in the online store. The Gift Card cannot be used to purchase another Gift Card.

Multiple Gift Cards can be purchased simultaneously. Gift Cards can be used cumulatively for a single transaction, respectively if a person has several Gift Cards, he can use several Gift Cards for one transaction. Attention, no rest is offered!

If the value of the purchases exceeds the nominal value of the card, the difference will be paid by any other means of payment accepted in Opticon stores.

The return of the products purchased with a gift card / cards will be made respecting the return conditions valid in the Opticon store network. The customer’s data will be registered in the system, and the return of the products purchased with a gift card will lead to the reactivation of the card.

The Gift Card is a non-nominal bearer product, being transferable by simple remittance from one person to another, the responsibility for its use falling exclusively on the holder. The card is transferable, and can be used by a person other than the one offered by the initial purchaser.

At the time of use, the card will be retained by the store staff at the time of payment. The voucher can be used only once, on a single order.

Opticon assumes no liability and will not replace the gift card (s) in the event of theft, loss, misplacement or damage. In these situations, the balance of the Gift Card is considered lost, as no compensation is possible in connection with the event that led to the impossibility of using the Gift Card by its holder.

Opticon does not assume responsibility for situations in which several people claim the same Gift Card; the right to use the Gift Card will be recognized to the person who physically presents it in the store.

No indirect expenses are imposed on them, within the meaning of Government Ordinance no. 99/2000 on the marketing of market products and services, as republished, with subsequent amendments.

The purchase and use regulations are available free of charge to any applicant, and can be consulted in all Opticon stores and opticians or on the website

Opticon is exonerated from liability in case of force majeure or fortuitous event, according to the provisions of art. 1351 Civil Code.

For the purpose of this regulation, force majeure means any event that cannot be controlled, remedied or predicted by OPTICON and the occurrence of which makes the latter unable to fulfill its obligations under this regulation. The category of these events includes, but is not limited to: wars, fires, floods, strikes and blockades, earthquakes, other catastrophes of any kind, as well as any regulations that may prohibit or modify the terms of the Regulation.

We do not assume responsibility for any situations that may result from the use of the Gift Card by another person.

By purchasing / using one or more Gift Cards, customers agree to comply with and comply with all provisions, terms and conditions of this Regulation.

OPTICON reserves the right to amend these Regulations by additional act whenever necessary, with the publication of the additional act on the official website, respectively and making it available to customers in stores.

Any complaint related to the conduct of the campaign will be addressed in writing to the Organizer at the registered office address specified in these Regulations, within 5 (five) working days from the date on which the claimed event occurred.

Any disputes between OPTICON and customers will be settled amicably or, if this is not possible, by the competent courts.