The Giorgio Armani brand has an incomparable and timeless sense of style. Armani’s vision of the world of creative design is not just about turning heads, but about leaving a lasting impression. Pure lines, intrinsic elegance and care for details are the elemental concepts underlying all of Giorgio Armani’s iconic designs as well as of its eyewear styles.


We saw them on the spring/summer 2018 catwalk. The sunglasses from the new D’Artiste collection are a blend of creativity, elegance and modernity: Giorgio Armani’s three distinguishing features.

The new Giorgio Armani D’Artiste sunglasses reach Luxottica stores directly from catwalks. The collection pays homage to the creativity, elegance and modernity that have always made Giorgio Armani’s creations stand out.

Creativity. The new collection has an artistic spirit. The floral motif of the mirrored lenses makes them unique, original, recognisable and memorable. The lenses are the real artistic signature of this collection.

Classic and elegant. The eccentric note perfectly matches the elegance from past times that distinguishes each single creation by Giorgio Armani. The big round frames are classic and evergreen.

Modern. The collection features a minimal geometric design with a unique manufacture. The fine frames are made in a very comfortable ultra-light metal.

The glitter of the metal, combined with the highly reflective, decorated lenses, gives  the collection an understated, sophisticated appeal. Equilibrium becomes elegance. The sunglasses come in three colour versions:

  • A pale polished gold frame with graduated brown lenses and floral motif.
  • A polished gunmetal frame with blue lenses and floral motif.
  • A polished rose gold frame with same-colour lenses, again with floral motif.

Giorgio Armani D’Artiste collection is dedicated to sophisticated modern women with a free, creative spirit.


In the Frames of Life 2016 campaign, five protagonists have their perfect moment. Beauty, freedom, passions and memories encompassed in sun and optical frames by Giorgio Armani

Seizing the moment that precedes an important event: the moment of suspense before setting off on an adventure, whether it is the premiere of a ballet, tasting a completely new recipe, waiting behind a film camera, or the moment before the start of a competition. This is the leitmotif of Different Eyes, Different Lives, the new chapter in Frames of Life, the Giorgio Armani Eyewear campaign.

The fragments of life recounted in previous years have been joined by new emotions and new nuances. The new protagonists’ real-life moments are revealed in short video-stories, in which voices and experiences are always filtered through the eyewear in the Giorgio Armani Frames of Life optical and sun collections.

On you will encounter Turkish designer-surfer Caner’s passion for waves and the project, the beautiful movements of Italian ballet dancer, Damiano, the dreams of freedom of America’s Miss Rodeo Oregon 2013, Nicole, the love of cooking and country life of French-Asian food blogger, Mimi, and the desire to explore the unknown and the call of nature of Austrian filmmaker, Richard.

So unique and authentic, the inseparable companions of their eyes on the world, the eyewear in the Frames of Life collection represent the essence of Giorgio Armani style: impeccable artisan models with meticulous attention to detail, where design with a retro flavor and the most advanced technology meet to encompass a perfect moment.

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