OPTICON offers a range of services dedicated to medical optics, especially ophthalmological consultations and complete vision and eyeware solutions.

OPTICON staff can help you with eye consultation, choice of lenses and frames, installation, warranty and post-warranty quality.


We have a team of dedicated ophthalmologists, opticians and optometrists who are dedicated and ready to use the latest technology to diagnose vision disorders and to determine the optimal diopters for your needs.

The diopters are measured with the help of the autorefractometer, and the ophthalmologist, based on the result, establishes the necessary optical correction by testing with lenses.

Sometimes it is necessary to repeat this consultation, ie refractometry with cycloplegia is performed after the use of drops for pupil dilation. The purpose of using the drops is to determine the true diopters, removing for a short time, the adjustments made by the eye muscles.

When dilating, distance vision will be affected and the sensitivity to light will be greatly increased, so it is recommended that you do not drive or use industrial machinery.

Doctors and ophthalmologists can perform ophthalmological medical consultations and can diagnose various eye diseases.




After the ophthalmological consultation and / or based on an ophthalmic prescription, the Opticon staff will help you choose the type of lens you need and want from the most well-known and best lens brands (ZEISS, ESSILOR).

Lenses are the most important part of eyeglasses and we recommend that you give more importance to them. Quality lenses with proper treatment will help you more than more affordable lenses. It depends on their choice how you will see in 10 to 12 months. There are several types of lenses from each manufacturer, some are computer lenses, others are dedicated to driving, etc.

The choice of glasses for the glasses should depend on how and what you use the glasses for. Whether we use eyeglasses in reserve or wear them after removing contact lenses or use them for reading, driving, on the computer, or all this in one place, our recommendation is to choose the best product and specify what you will use them to find the most advantageous lens solution.

After choosing the lenses, depending on their thickness, the Opticon representative will present you the variants of glasses frames indicated. The frame of glasses will be recommended depending on the physiognomy of the face but also depending on the purpose of the glasses.

In all our stores we have a wide range of brands and a rich variety of patterns of frames, shapes and colors. We have eyeglass frames from top brands: Ray-Ban, Gucci, D&G, Prada, Vogue, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Christian Lacroix, Teb Baker, Hackett, Le Coq Spotif but also affordable frames: Bergman, Nordik, Chili & Co, Orange, Fresh, Goggle.

For protection against UV rays, our opticians can offer you high quality original sunglasses with anti-glare treatments and quality assurance.


Mounting the lenses is one of the most important procedures, a wrong mounting can turn eyeglasses into a danger to eye health. It is very important that the lenses are mounted correctly in the frame, so the assembly department is equipped with a computerized line that allows automatic reading and 3D scanning of the frame shape, centering the lens according to pupil and frame distance, automatic lens cutting.

Regardless of the type of lens or frame, the quality of execution is constantly monitored starting with the characteristics of the lenses and checking the finished product.

We offer a warranty on the eyeglass frame and eyeglasses from both manufacturers and from us for at least 12 months warranty and we offer post-warranty for all loyal Opticon customers.