Timeless style, authenticity and freedom of expression are the core values of Ray-Ban, a leader in sun and prescription eyewear for generations. Since the introduction of the iconic Aviator model created for the aviators of the United States Army, Ray-Ban has been at the forefront of cultural change, becoming a symbol of self-expression, worn by celebrities and public figures all around the world. The lifestyle brand joined the Luxottica Group in 1999 after which Ray-Ban accelerated its growth and redefined its distribution. As of December 31, 2018, Luxottica operated 213 locations, mainly in China.


Celebrating light, even at the darkest times. This is the spirit of Ray-Ban’s latest “You’re On” campaign, which is launching a new platform devoted to a desire for spontaneity and authenticity.

It’s time to be true to yourself and enjoy the moment in snapshots of authentic, uninhibited joy. Live as the most authentic version of yourself with spontaneous moments of genuine behavior, no matter who is watching.

The “You’re On” message, that appears for the first time, is centered on two gamers playing pinball in an animated and breathtaking game played down to the last ball. The pinball poses as a symbol of the spontaneous and authentic joy, always fueled by a pair of Ray-Bans, that is the soul of “You’re On”. The campaign accompanies the release of the collection dedicated to the brand’s most iconic frames, reinterpretations of a timeless spirit starting from the legendary ’50s Wayfarer to the octagonal designs of the ’60s and ’70s models and the vintage-style that characterizes the ’90s models. All of the glasses can be customized, allowing everyone to fully express their individual style and personality.

The “You’re On” campaign lives across key social media platforms and their engaging social tools to make it more immersive for consumers. To this regard, Ray-Ban is the first brand in Europe to launch a collaboration with TikTok, using their new “Branded Gaming Effect”. This new feature, using augmented reality, reads the movements of the eyebrows to move the levers of the pinball machine, which respond to impulses with special visual and sound effects. A unique experience that innovatively leverages social media channels and brings the Ray-Ban world to a wider audience.


Since 1937, Ray-Ban has always been empowering future makers and culture creators. Today With the world forced to stop, time has become a powerful ally, giving everyone the chance to express their personality to what they love most.

With the latest campaign, #TimeTo, Ray-Ban leaves the stage to the eclectic personalities of the artists, who are able to express themselves by sharing their message and their personal vision of the world. The campaign is a manifesto that invites everyone to take back their time and do what they want. This is why Ray-Ban has called upon all types of creatives to tell and share their art, even through a pair of glasses. This unique opportunity provides a rediscovered time of self-expression: a unique opportunity to make rediscovered time a possibility of self-expression

In the last month, Ray-Ban social channels have become a sounding board for young artists who have freely reinterpret the brand’s icons, each using their own stylistic visual code, including collage techniques, photography and illustration, someone  reinterpreting the iconic models, such as Aviators, Clubmasters or Wayfarers, also available to be customized  on ray-ban.com, someone else expressing their personality by wearing clear or sun models with the shape that best represents their true self.

One example is a series of pop art created by young artist, Tadej, who painted colorful portraits in bright shades transforming the Wayfarer into an art piece or the dreamy collages created by visual artist Alice Isaac.

Inspired by an artistic manifesto launched by the brand, musicians, designers and creatives of all types are carving out their space, without rules, and sharing their creative process on Ray-Ban’s Instagram page where everyone is invited to find their voice and their true self.


On the occasion of its hundredth anniversary, Save the Children joins forces with Ray-Ban to offer everyone the opportunity to contribute to something great: supporting the education of children and young people in difficulty, giving them the opportunity to finish their studies and improve their future.

In fact, a limited edition of the famous Wayfarer model is available on the Ray-Ban.com website in adult and junior versions. All proceeds, excluding production costs, will finance the educational program of Save the Children.

Millions of children are deprived of learning because they are involved in emergencies, face extreme poverty or are discriminated against by gender, disability or ethnicity. Save the Children works to ensure each of them a quality education that allows them to acquire the skills and knowledge they need. It is through school that you come to know the world and find your own identity. Having the opportunity to attend school regularly means not only getting an education, but also getting in touch with others, learning from them and being part of a community.

All values that Ray-Ban promotes and shares. Supporting the educational program of Save the Children means, for the brand, helping children reach their full potential and allowing their consumers to make a choice that defines them, and not only through style.

Only an icon like the Wayfarer could play such an important role. This special version with gray mirrored lenses and a black frame will be embellished with STC engraving on the internal temples and special packaging: the box in which the case is stored will have some drawings made by children from the non-profit organization.


The best memories are those that arise from unexpected moments and sometimes these are the ones that give life to new traditions. Maybe it’s an unexpected event or something that simply happens and remains in your heart year after year. These are the moments that Ray-Ban wants to celebrate through the hashtag #ourtradition.

The brand’s Christmas campaign perfectly describes this by telling two stories that intertwine thanks to chance. North American desert, gas station. A girl is waiting outside in a red convertible. She is joined by her companion, who brings with him a giant inflatable reindeer, a classic Christmas symbol that, in such a setting, becomes disruptive. The two meet a family, parents with two children, headed north for the holidays in an RV and equipped with all the bells and whistles for decoration, ornaments and lights. Suddenly, some engine trouble interrupts the journey and seems to ruin the plans. Give up Christmas or give in to the unexpected and decorate cacti as Christmas trees and invent a new way to celebrate? Here lies the heart of Ray-Ban’s message, to create new traditions and celebrate the most classic of holidays in an uncommon way.

The three Ray-Ban models worn by the protagonists are as authentic and unique as the campaign itself: the Olympian I Deluxe embodies the original style of the brand, pure and unmistakable. With dynamic and enveloping lines, long curved rims and a timeless profile, the model is a timeless classic. The RB2219 eyeglass model instead is inspired by a flagship model of the Olympian line, a true icon since 1968, thanks to the long and refined rims and metal temples, for a performance style. Finally, the square frame of the RB1973 model represents another timeless element, with oversized I-shape square lenses that stand out in every situation.

And to continue celebrating everywhere and in full Ray-Ban style, the brand has designed reindeer Instagram filters for the occasion to personalize selfies.


Unique paths, universal emotions: the Ray-Ban #ProudToBelong campaign spotlights the human moments that connect us and let us find our sense of belonging.

Ray-Ban celebrates the importance of the journey. No matter where you’re headed to, one thing is for certain – life’ moments set our path.  It’s about throwing ourselves head first into every part of the journey – that’s when we find our path to belonging and where we can be our real selves.

With #ProudToBelong the brand relaunches its own communication platform and inaugurates a story that will continue throughout 2019. It’s a way to strengthen the emotional bond with consumers that, all over the world, choose Ray-Ban products to express their uniqueness and their sense of belonging.

At the center of the campaign are stories of people surrounded by different kinds of situations: from a moped race going wild, to being caught lost in your thoughts, to a passionate night on the dancefloor. Those are stories of everyday heroes that are not afraid of their own emotions and choose to unleash their humanity. The campaign focuses on three key sentiments that bring to life the very essence of our products: vulnerability & empathy, passion &joy, and confidence & pride.

Some of the iconic models of the Ray-Ban collection embody the feelings experienced by the campaign’s protagonists. “Proud to Belong” marks the return of a 70s look from the I-Shape Family, with the Ray-Ban Square, simply-constructed in metal with new Evolve lenses. The Wings II model is all about confidence and pride, whereas the Original Wayfarer is a symbol of passion, authenticity and true iconic style.

The new campaign also marks 20 years since the brand’s acquisition by Luxottica Group, which made Ray-Ban a leading brand, revived its status as a cultural icon and symbol of authenticity and personal style and accelerated its growth through a series of strategic initiatives. Among the most recent initiatives was the debut of Ray-Ban branded prescription lenses and the launch of an innovative retail concept. With the opening of over 200 single-brand stores around the world, consumers  can discover the brand and its products in the most unique and experiential way.


Items: Is Fashion Modern?, an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, will explore the present, past—and sometimes the future—of 111 items of clothing and accessories that have had a strong impact on the world in the 20th and 21st centuries—and continue to hold currency today.  The exhibit will run from October 1st through January 28th.

For the first time in70 years, MoMA is dedicating an exhibition related to the world of fashion. The pieces on display range from the modern Little Black Dress to the ancient sari, the kippah and the keffiyeh; from Levi’s 501s to the iconic aviator glasses designed in 1937.

Items will also invite some designers, engineers, and manufacturers to respond to some of these indispensable items with pioneering materials, approaches, and techniques—extending this conversation into the near and distant future, and connecting the history of these garments with their present recombination and use. Driven first and foremost by objects, not designers, the exhibition considers the many relationships between fashion and functionality, culture, aesthetics, politics, labor, identity, economy, and technology.

Luxottica is proud to see one of its iconic brands alongside some of the most well-known and transformative items from the fashion world as part of this exhibit.

Celebrate the enduring influence of fashion on our past, present, and future with us this fall at MoMA.


Graphene has enormous potential for application in numerous of the industry’s sectors due to its superior properties compared to any other known substance. In 2017 this versatile, surprising material debuts in eyewear thanks to Luxottica and Ray-Ban, confirming the Group’s innovative pioneering spirit.

Graphene has a fascinating story. In 2004, two scientists at Manchester University using simple sticky tape managed to isolate one of the billions of overlapping sheets of carbon that make up graphite, commonly known as pencil lead.

They had “synthesized” graphene, the lightest and finest material of all those in existence, but also the most resistant and flexible. It is efficient at conducting heat and electricity, resistant to temperature, clear and at the same time so dense that even helium, the smallest atomic gas, cannot pass through it.

Its properties proved to be superior to any other known substance. For this revolutionary discovery, the two scientists won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010.


Graphene has found application in diverse technologically innovative sectors – electronics, energy, automotive, sport – but related research continues relentless. New applications are discovered practically every day, expanding the spectrum of possibility. In 2017 the material debuts in eyewear thanks to Luxottica and Ray-Ban, confirming the Group’s innovative pioneering spirit.

“For us project managers on the R&D team, the hardest challenges are those that call for us to turn theoretical studies and new scientific discoveries into a real pair of glasses. This object apparently so simple and familiar, embodies innovations and advanced technologies” said Andrea Lazzari, Project Manager – Injected Materials, R&D Agordo.

Ray-Ban has always been on the cutting edge of experimentation into new hi-tech, high-performance materials. The perfect alchemy of the brand’s timeless aesthetics and the latest in technology is evident in each new collection, which guarantees maximum levels of style and comfort. After Liteforce from the aerospace industry and special titanium alloys, now we see the arrival of the exclusive new Light-Ray prescription eyewear collections in graphene, a true Nobel prizewinner!!

During the creation process of this collection, every detail—from design to production techniques—has been studied to make the best use of the incredible characteristics of graphene. The molds, for example, were designed with special care to facilitate equal distribution of the material, a special mixture of resins and graphene, all over the front of the frame.

The new collection has understated and elegant aesthetics. The models are functional, ultra-light yet resistant: studied maximum comfort goes perfectly with the high quality of design and materials. Colors are dark, lit by metallic shades that highlight the presence of graphene: black, gunmetal, grey, blue, brown and purple.

The future of graphene is still waiting to be written. It is undoubtedly an on-trend material, about which much is known but much still remains to be discovered. Luxottica is relentlessly studying new application opportunities for graphene in its products, in collaboration with research centers, universities and a specialized supplier in Europe that works with an eco-sustainable process.


The bold and iconic allure of Clubmaster – a legendary Ray-Ban model that is still one of the bestsellers – has been given new natural “vibes” with a frame in natural wood and soft rubber.

Nothing is untouchable. For Ray-Ban, a brand that has always been synonymous with innovation, experimentation and adventure, even the distinctive design of iconic models loved by generation after generation of fans can be revisited, updated and enriched, thanks to technology, materials, and new design ideas or modern flashes.

It is in this spirit that Clubmaster – the model with the accentuated “brow line” and one of the brand’s legends – has been updated to give it a modern flavor by creating a frame in wood, a material that has never been used for this eyewear.

It wasn’t easy to bend a natural element like wood to meet the flexibility, durability and comfort demanded for premium eyewear. After years of experiments it became possible to combine hand-milled wood with modern soft rubber to give an iconic design a totally comfortable fit and fresh vibes.

And its rock soul has taken on more spontaneous and contemporary tones, a new soft-to-the-touch feel and luxurious finishes for men and women with modern and sustainable perceptions.

For the new sun model RB 3016 M, walnut, cherry and maple have been combined with dark-colored, retro-inspired lenses and the temples have been re-proportioned for a modern appeal. But the refined touch of the traditional hand-engraved bridge and classic rivets has been preserved to perpetuate the pleasure of wearing an icon.

There is also an optical version, RX 5154 M, with hypoallergenic silicone nose pads for optimal balance and comfort.

Dedicated packaging has been designed for all models.


After leather, velvet and denim, now it’s steel and titanium’s turn. The Ray-Ban New Materials collection shows the most creative side of these two incredibly strong materials in incomparably light models.

Steel and Titanium. As far as substance is concerned, the two materials used by Ray-Ban for these mythical and iconic models have no competitors. Steel and titanium are synonymous with strength, resistance, perfection and reliability. But can they also be attractive? Can they inspire creativity and provide the material for works of art?

Yes, they can. This was shown at the Ray-Ban District 1937 event in New York, where these materials revealed a surprisingly emotional side. Let’s see how.

Cars and skyscrapers could not exist without a heart of steel. It is the strong and high-tech backbone of modernity. Appealing? On the surface, this does not seem to be the primary quality of steel. However, the American artist, Ann Lilly, has found a way to express this side through her kinetic sculptures in stainless steel that need the human touch to “move”, creating a hypnotic communication between the object and the subject. Her works only come to life through the active intervention of the observer, becoming an extension of the same. Engineering masterpieces that create unexpected human contact. An example? The sculpture that once animated by hand, initiates a mechanism by which the finest steel edges caress the onlookers wrist.

Steel – RB3513
Aviator Metal Generation 2.0 is made from laser cut steel. Light and agile, the laser cut enhances every detail and the frame captures the eye and becomes an integral part of the wearers face.


Titanium is a paradox: so light and yet so strong. These unique qualities have made it the metal of choice for the aeronautical industry. Its applications are many, from the medical field (it is biocompatible) to industry and everyday objects. Pat Daugherty, a New York designer, creates jewelry and accessories with particularly reactive metals such as titanium. She experiments with colors, textures and chemical film to confer pictorial character to her bijoux.

Titanium – RX8721
With this vision model, Ray-Ban overturns all the technological rules to create the lightest glasses in the Materials collection. Titanium is an extremely pure material that is nickel-free, hypoallergenic and also ultra-light. The precision manufacturing of the titanium alloy is combined with the Light Ray hinge, so the frame assembly does not require screws and welds, resulting in a linear and modern design that is one of the most comfortable, durable and lightweight of the Ray-Ban range.

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