Launched in 1973 under the same name as the famous fashion magazine, Vogue Eyewear was acquired by Luxottica in 1990. The brand, which reflects the dominant fashion trends of the moment at an affordable price, offers a wide global assortment as well as local collections for emerging markets. It has become a truly international contemporary fashion brand geared to young and fashion-savvy consumers who identify with featured international personalities such as Gigi Hadid.


Thanks to the collaboration with Millie Bobby Brown, a rising star with an unbridled passion for glasses, a new chapter opens for Vogue Eyewear in 2020.

It is a new era for Vogue Eyewear, which this year is changing its image, without losing its essence. A new, versatile and linear logo, and a new brand ambassador, the sixteen-year-old Millie Bobby Brown. With a contagious smile and British accent, she has designed the new capsule collection along with Vogue Eyewear.

The campaign, starring Brown, is made up of three chapters that present six tips, “Millie’s Rules to Vogue,” a manifesto that enhances life, joy and individuality. Millie’s philosophy is presented directly by her in a teaser in which she talks about herself and describes her true essence: from the pride of belonging to generation Z to the emotions that she experiences every day.

Millie’s “rules” convey an important message, aimed at developing a strong bond between the consumer and the brand. Each sentence – explained in detail through individual videos in which Millie never takes herself too seriously – has been engraved in the external temples of the frames that make up the collection.

Each video shows a sunglass model and an eyeglass model alternating. The first two suggest: “Love yourself” and “Be kind”.

The capsule is inspired by a ’90s style that features pop, pastel and trendy color combinations.

The products will come in special packaging, a case that can be used as a mini-clutch bag, making for a versatile and fashionable accessory.


Top model and socialite Gigi Hadid is the hero of the Vogue Eyewear international advertising campaign for the second year in a row.

Set against the backdrop of a sublime sea-view pool and the stunning beaches of Ibiza, 7 stunning advertising images showcase the second wave of Gigi Hadid’s Special Collection designed by her.

Last year Vogue Eyewear established a strong brand message: there is more beauty beyond appearance. Now it’s time to take the #SHOWYOURVOGUE philosophy to the next level and start a deeper conversation with contemporary women, inviting them to engage with a new concept of individual beauty by asking: ‘My Vogue, what’s yours?‘.

The campaign aims at reinforcing the emotional bond with the consumer by turning the brand message into a dialogue and making Vogue Eyewear’s consumer an active part of it. Meanwhile, the iconic visual approach of the campaign helps to enhance Gigi’s vibrant personality.

The seven exclusive new styles from the Special Collection frame the many moods of beauty with retro-chic sun shapes flashing super-fine golden metal profiles and glowing heritage tones with sparkling Swarovski crystals.

Those results benefited from the “Gigi Hadid effect”, since she is currently one of the queens in the fashion system and among the most influencial people online, with more than 39 million followers on Instagram.


An idea of beauty that goes beyond appearance and stereotypes, that kind of beauty that breaks the schemes. Vogue Eyewear has spotlighted these values in its latest campaign, #SHOWYOURVOGUE, which encourages all women to show their V-side (V like Vogue), that is what makes them unique.

The #ShowYourVogue campaign, launched last February, now features an important face: Gigi Hadid, model and testimonial, but most importantly designer of the new  special collection in which she  fully expresses her strong passion for eyewear.

Why Gigi Hadid? Acknowledged worldwide for her beauty, more than 35 million followers on Instagram, model of the year in 2016 and protagonist of international fashion shows and covers of the most famous magazines worldwide, Gigi Hadid is ready to reveal her V-side to the world, together with Vogue Eyewear. Precisely, her values, personality and passions. Gigi is a gourmand who enjoys horse-riding and, obviously, eyewear. Indeed, by no mere chance does the campaign portray her performing daily routine activities, such as eating, busying herself at the stove, getting on horseback, and proudly flaunting her Vogue eyewear. She is not (only) a model anymore, but a woman with a bold personality that makes her unique.

Gigi Hadid perfectly embodies the values of the campaign that was launched on  June 27 in New York. The exclusive launch of the new capsule collection Gigi Hadid for Vogue Eyewear that was celebrated in the Big Apple recorded the participation of more than 300 guests, influencers and journalists. They met with Gigi Hadid on a special evening centered on the theme #SHOWYOURPARTY.

Gigi’s amazing personality and her fresh attitude are perfect for the vision of #ShowYourVogue”, said Greta Gervasini, Vogue Eyewear Global Marketing Manager. “This is why we chose her to represent our values”.

Styles of capsule collection Gigi Hadid for Vogue Eyewear are designed for women who want to feel unique. The design mirrors the eclectic spirit of the ‘90s, along with innovative trends, thus creating retro-chic frames that constantly seek new trends. The 4 models, namely 3 sunglasses and 1 pair of prescription glasses, are available in several color options. The lenses are the main peculiarity of these styles.

Model V04083S, for instance, a genuine upgrade of the classic square pilot style in a feminine key, features an exceptionally rich and versatile color palette, from classic black to modern orange and pink.

Model VO5211S instead has an extreme  cat-eye shape that makes seductive beauty look easy. Provocative lens-frame color combinations see on-trend transparent and white acetates paired with flat lenses in candy shades of pink,  blue, red and orange, and total black or havana color options for stand-out attitude with a  feminine feel.

This exclusive Gigi Hadid Special Collection style comes with dedicated packaging and signature temples.

Every model is designed to encourage the women to express their personality. Or, in other words, their V-side!


Vogue Eyewear is launching the new international communication campaign #ShowYourVogue and invites all women to share the idea of beauty that makes them unique: an expression of personality, talent and style and not only fleeting appearance.

We live in a world that gives excessive importance to our physical aspect, defining us according to traditional standards that women often try to emulate in order to be recognized and feel appreciated. In a courageous and audacious move, Vogue Eyewear has decided to put the new idea of a beauty that goes beyond appearances, stereotypes and generalizations at the center of its new communication campaign while maintaining the light-hearted and happy style that characterizes the brand.

True beauty is freedom to be yourself, your real “V-side”, “V” as in Vogue: personal style and way of living and thinking out of the box without having to adhere to predefined standards. The beauty of showing one’s own numbers that are not a clothing size but rather ones that demonstrate talents that each of us possesses and cultivates over time. Beauty that characterizes every woman in a different way and precisely for this reason makes her unique, attributing to this concept a deeper and more lasting meaning.

With #ShowYourVogue, the Luxottica Group brand celebrates the “V-side” of women everywhere. Like a real style coach, the brand supports and encourages women to live out beauty according to their own rules and above all to be proud of showing off to the world! This is the message that the new collections boldly underline as they exalt women’s personalities and their different variations on style: playful and light, urban and trendy, feminine and sinuous. Like beauty: unique and inimitable.

What about you? Are you ready to show the world your V-side? Follow the suggestions of the campaign and …. #ShowYourVogue!


It doesn’t matter if your hair looks perfect and don’t be afraid to mess it up. As long as you’re having fun the only beauty rules that you should follow are the ones that allow your personality to shine.


Which pose reveals your best side? Any! Don’t try to look like anyone else, show your true self to the world: you will love your newfound confidence.


There’s nothing special about wearing model-size, it’s just a number. The only numbers that count are the endless possibilities that you have to express yourself and show what you’re best at.


It’s not about the colour of your eyes,perfect make up or a seductive glance. It’s about how you see the world that really makes the difference

Want to know more? Browse the gallery!


Trend “Blaze”: the glow of the warm and bright light of summer days radiates on dresses with ruffles and flounces that add volume at each step, pleats that give movement, patterns and linear contrasts.

Vogue Eyewear has singled out these great themes on international runways and translated them into Blaze, the radiant leitmotif of a fashion story written for its spring-summer 2016 eyewear collection. For the first time ever, Vogue develops a single fashion story across all three segments In Vogue, Casual Chic and Timeless with three unique handcrafted décor executions on the frames.

The trendy and contemporary style of In Vogue segment gets a playful touch with Moon Blaze: the hand enamelled décor, engraved on the outer corner of the front, draws the complementary lines and angled fan pleats. Seductive colors, glittering transparent layers and unique 3D details highlight the lively and glamorous spirit of these frames, proposed in various shapes: butterfly or pillow the two optical models, cat-eye shape the sunglasses. For contemporary women, looking for a playful interpretation of the In Vogue style.

The urban, modern and  versatile of Casual Chic segment is enriched with innovative metal and enamel details of Sun Blaze. Inspired by 3D motifs and the multi-stripe trend, the hand-crafted and enamelled décor flaunts chic color accents as structural elements with two shape variations for the optical models, while the sun features a refined and slightly oversize cat-eye. Its front flirts with the sun reflection thanks to a unique stepped metal brow bar, adding a cheeky touch to the look. For women with a passion for smart urban style and unique details.

The classic, elegant and essential lines of Timeless segment reveal a radiant beauty in five new models Light Bijoux, four optical and a sun model, embellished with Crystal Blaze, the fine, hand assembled metal temple décor featuring sparkling Swarovski® crystals and integrated hinges. Proposed in numerous shapes from the feminine cat-eye to rectangular, with a varied color palette including refined bilayer colors, iridescent opal tones and warm seasonal colors. For contemporary sophisticated women with a penchant for timeless elegance and luxury quality finishes.

Do you feel Moon, Sun or Crystal? Choose your favorite Blaze in the gallery below!


Head for summer wearing one of this season’s key trends: lightweight, colorful sunglasses and optical glasses in fun, feminine shapes. Perfect for all types of adventure, be they exotic or metropolitan, as shown by three international Muses on their journeys around style

Part of the fun of embracing each new season is being able to reinvent your look by picking up on the latest trends.

Accessories (from jeweler and shoes to bags and eyewear) are a key part of interpreting new trends, helping us personalize our own style by making it unique. Vogue Eyewear has singled out “Light and Shine” as one of the freshest, bubbliest moods for summer. The runways were full of designs made from laminated fabrics in futuristic lattice shapes, plus cuff bracelets and “sculpture” bags, all stippled with bold touches of color. The trend has moved across to eyewear, as seen in slender, lightweight frames in mat brushed metal with “dashes” of bright color positioned strategically across the front or along the nylon fiber temples, creating color contrasts with the rest of the frames.

In the new advertising campaign, the collection is worn by Vogue Eyewear’s three international muses: Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima, Chinese actress Liu Shishi and Indian model and actress Deepika Padukone. United by the spirit of wanderlust – that yearning for travel and a slice of the world’s diverse cultures – the three Muses visited both exotic and metropolitan destinations (from the Dubai desert to romantic Paris), bringing the style of Vogue Eyewear Light and Shine wherever they went and revealing the collection’s endless possibilities for expression.


For its latest fashion collection, Vogue Eyewear has explored the colors of the world, creating patterns with an exotic, cosmopolitan flavor, like the three global brand muses: Brazilian top model Adriana Lima, Indian actress Deepika Padukone and Chinese star Liu Shishi.

For the Vogue Eyewear Texture collection, the theme chosen is printed fabrics – a very strong trend on the runways and for accessories – that come in numerous motifs, colors and moods.

In the Texture collection, the pattern trend has been reinterpreted through the cultural influence of the three brand muses to create a truly unique, international collection but with a “local” twist that evokes the roots and fascination of each muse’s region of origin.

The outcome of this creative process are three patterns that decorate the inside of the temples of the six eyewear models (three sun and three optical) in addition to one sun bestseller model (0VO2795S) in three different textures.

The exotic blooms pattern inspired by top model Adriana Lima features the typical colors of Brazil: patterns that are vivid, tropical and as juicy as fresh fruit, for brilliant and sunny personalities.

More baroque and in shaded colors, the print inspired by Indian actress Deepika Padukone evokes jade filigree and tattoos of henna art recreating an Asian atmosphere rich in spiritual energy and joy.

Like a delicate, serene blossom, the print inspired by Liu Shishi (“Liu Shishi for Vogue” signature on the temple; the other models are also signed by their muse) evokes an ancient culture of balance and harmony.

Would you like to go around the world with Vogue Eyewear Texture? Discover all the models in the gallery.


Colored stripes and plays of transparency are features of the two Vogue Eyewear Fashion Stories for summer 2015: totally glamorous eyewear worn by three special Muses for a summer in the spotlight

Stripes are one of the strongest summer 2015 fashion trends: colorful, carefree and bursting with energy, they epitomize the season of sun and vacations. Vogue Eyewear selected this trend after seeing all the SS 2015 proposals on international runways: many labels used them – vertical, horizontal, on all kinds of fabrics, accessories and apparel and always with vibrant color matches. It’s impossible not to love them. So much so that they’re making an appearance also in the winter 2015 collections, proof of a power of expression and appeal that has nothing to do with seasons.

Vogue Eyewear has interpreted this trend in the Colorbands collection featuring temples with bands of color which create a stripy design that’s big on impact. Numerous sun and optical models come with stripes so that every face and personality can give this summer trend a personal touch.

For the first time, these glamorous Colorbands models can be admired in close-up in the Vogue Eyewear summer advertising campaign in which they are worn by three international Muses, Adriana Lima, Deepika Padukone and Liu Shishi: a new way of more directly putting across this accessory’s strong “fashion” content.

There’s no doubt that the other hot theme this summer is the crystalline, semi-transparent effect. With its Crystal Colors models for SS15, Vogue Eyewear has dedicated the second fashion story to this trend: three of the brand’s bestselling and adored sun models have been reinterpreted by combining matte transparent fronts with temples in bright, vivid colors. The appeal of the plays of light seen in many accessories and apparel at the Spring/Summer 2015 runways is alive and well!

Also in this fashion story, the Muses communication is fresh and impactful and Crystal Colors eyewear is combined with light, shiny looks that’re perfect for summer.


Who are the three Vogue Eyewear Muses? For the answer, see the photos from the SS2015 campaign

Vogue Eyewear’s SS2015 campaign reveals a truly multicultural perspective, an advertising approach which is both global and a reflection of different local markets. The campaign has three faces: the Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima, Bollywood star Deepika Padukone and the Chinese actress Liu Shishi. Each captures her “local” world in six shots, with the trends, colors and sensations of her “home land”. But international borders are not an issue thanks to the common thread running throughout the campaign: savoring the colors and emotions of summer and heightening the beauty of women all over the world. These ultra-glamorous photos were shot by photographer Ellen von Unwerth who, in her own inimitable style, has made the three stunning, successful women (and the eyewear they’re wearing) look even more alluring. Want to get up close to the Vogue Eyewear faces for SS2015? Simply scroll through the gallery to discover news, curiosities and more details on the Muses and the campaign.

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